We are a group of naturalists who work on two different spheres – Soil and Minds.

On the earth front, we work on landscapes to establish Sustainable Food Production systems. Our core expertise lies in soil-moisture conservation and the preservation of indigenous biodiversity within self-sustaining systems.

On the people front, we design experiences. We conduct retreats at natural farms and wild-spaces to help people reconnect back with the natural world. The retreats are designed to give people the experience of living amidst the natural world in sync with all life around. The activities and experiences during the course of the retreat cover two core themes; building awareness & finding balance.

Besides these retreats, we facilitate hands-on workshops that cover different aspects of sustainability/ sustainable living. The core here is to strengthen the mind-body connect and move towards In-Sourcing.

We strongly believe that each one of us can lead
Peaceful & Healthy lives if we lived in Sync with Nature.
And in Nature, Everything is Connected!

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